comfort of a friend.
performance of a professional.

cincinnati  wedding  photographer for couples who want the REAl & organic moments of their wedding day to be captured

retired calligrapher. 4

does a british accent. 3

loves the mountains. 2

wife and mama. 1


...because thats how comfortable i want you to feel with me while you're in front of the camera, like you're just hanging and having fun with your lover and im a fly on the wall.

Lets hang a bit

i'm Jen

Hey there!


choose your

life has so many impactful moments and seasons. so for  engaged couples and small business owners, like the theme song from "friends" - i'll be there for you


Jen is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable while taking pictures and is always catching the best shots!! The photos she takes are absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend her to anyone!!