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Bringing your pup to your session


I am 100% a dog person! so when my couples ask if they can bring their pup to their session i dont even hesitate to say “yes”! your furry friends are part of your little fam and i love having them during engagment sessions and even at weddings! Sometimes it can be a handful having them there so heres some things to know before hand that will help it go more smoothly and give you optimal cuteness with every click of the camera!

1- have a family member or friend come with you to help out with your dog when we are done taking photos with him/her. we only need probably 10-15 minutes with your dog so having someone there to take them when were done would be so much easier for you as a couple

2- put a neutral colored collar and leash on them so that it pairs well with your outfits and isn’t a photo distraction. trust me, theres nothing more cringy than a neon green or orange leash clashing with your dreamy portrait backdrop haha.

3- bring treats and a lint roller. no need to further explain these items haha

i always photograph you guys with your pups first so we can take our time with the rest of your session. now, its just a matter of getting me to stop petting them will be the issue hehe!

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