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How to Plan a Cincinnati Elopement


Cincinnati Elopement

If you’re looking How to Plan a Cincinnati Elopement then cozy up and check this out!

Eloping isn’t what is used to be. Gone are the days of running away in secret to marry your partner without your parents knowing haha. Eloping in the 21st century can include (or not include) whomever you want AND you don’t have to do it strictly in a courthouse anymore. Theres so many reasons why couples are more attracted to a much smaller and intimate wedding day rather than having a 150+ guest count. Let me be clear though, I love capturing BOTH. But in case you’re wanting to plan out an elopement, Im gonna fill you in on how to make the most of it here in the Queen City of Cincinnati.

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How to Elope in Ohio

First and foremost you need two things to elope (besides each other). You need someone who is a licensed officiant (this can be someone from a church or a friend/family member) and you of course need a location.

Places to Elope in Cincinnati Ohio

If you’d like to go the ‘ol fashion route then booking a time at your city courthouse is easy to do. The Hamilton County Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati is absolutely gorgeous. To book at your local courthouse you’d simply give them a call to schedule.

If you’d like a more distinctive setting theres options to get married at one of the cities beautiful parks. Ault Park, Eden Park, and Smale Park are all fantastic options and perfect locations to take your couples portraits afterwards.

Cincinnati Elopement Packages

Im not a cookie cutter type of photographer. Every couple has unique chemistry and I love to show that off in my images that I capture of you. Its one things to take your photos at a gorgeous location but if that place has zero connection to you guys then it’s not going to capture you in your own element.

Once a couple books with me for their elopement I send a fun little couples guide for them to fill out. This helps me get to know you more and see what your interests are together. Love to read & drink coffee/tea on Sunday afternoons?- Lets head to a cozy coffee shop or quaint little bookstore for your couples portraits after the ceremony. Personalized locations make it even more fun and less awkward for you as a couple.

Wedding Elopement Ideas

1- Courthouse wedding then hop over to your favorite bar or restaurant in the city for some intimate and relaxing photos of you enjoying your fresh moment as newlyweds. Some of my favorite spots in downtown Cincinnati are Somerset Bar, The Lytle Hotel, Alcove by MadTree, and if you want to hop over the river to Kentucky there is Hotel Covington. This option is great for all seasons.

2- Tie the knot at Ault Park in the spring or summer. There is so much space here for you to have an intimate wedding with either just the two of you or invite some friends and family to join the celebration. Afterwards you can mosey around the park and take photos while enjoying the fresh and vibrant blooms and large shady trees.

3- Want to invite your favorite people to the party? You can have a smaller scale wedding at a Cincinnati wedding venue such as The Factory Events, Krohn Conservatory, or Locust & Vines “The Space”

Theres SOOO many ways to have a wedding. Dont feel like you have to stick with any traditions or trends. Do what makes you as a couple happy! Im always open for booking elopements and intimate weddings. Reach out HERE and we can get started with the fun stuff!

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how to elope in cincinnati ohio

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