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Favorite Engagement Session Spots in Cincinnati/NKY


How does that song go?

“I would walk 500 miles and i would walk 500 more…”

Yep- that sounds about right ha! Ive been to so many gorgeous, unique, & versatile locations in the greater cincinnati area for engagment photos. Here are my top faves plus some fun little outfit tips.

this location is absolutely stunning! it provides such a good mixture of beautiful sophisticated architecture and peaceful landscape of trees and flowers. this location is great for getting all dressed up for.

-FOR HER- little black dress/ flowy floral dress/ elegant and chic jumpsuit
-FOR HIM- Button up shirt with chino shorts/pants or denim/ sport coat or blazer/ full suit

i absolutely love this location because its perfect picturesque city vibes. music hall is in the background of Washington park which is also lined with plenty of trees and greenery. OTR has tons of fun restaurants/bars to be photographed in while enjoying a fancy cocktail or a relaxing beer.

theres a hidden gem tucked in the way back of a Burlington, Ky neighborhood. You first walk along a paved path surrounded by trees and woods. The path leads you down to a trail to a wide open space of grass, perfect for practicing your Dirty Dancing lift ha! Walk further back in that field of grass to a cute little creek surrounded by rocks and more trees. Its gorgeous if summer OR fall!

-FOR HER- Cute denim jeans & top/ cute and flirty dress with tennies
-FOR HIM- denim or chino shorts paired with a henley or relaxed button up

there are soooo many other locations but these are always my go-to’s. im up for anything though… even if you want a cozy time in home session- lets do it!

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